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wwe ppv schedule 2021
Falcon IPTVApril 14, 20210

WWE PPV SCHEDULE 2021 | Watch with FalconTV

The following is a list of WWE upcoming pay per views as well as a complete list of WWE PPV for the year 2021. Some of the events mentioned here are provisional and will be verified until WWE makes them official. 1.ROYAL RUMBLE 2021 Date:  31 January 2021 Location:  Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg, FL Kick-Off Show Timing:  6 PM EST Main Sho …

latest iptv offer falcontv promo
Falcon IPTVApril 8, 20219

Latest IPTV Offer | Falcon IPTV Promo Code FIFA22

Hello everyone, in this article I am going to present you the latest iptv offer on Falcon IPTV Streaming plans and latest additions made on Falcon IPTV contents. Please follow or bookmark this article or blog to get latest news. Latest IPTV Offer FIFA22 This is the one shot on $10 off of all streaming plans. Just apply the coupon while checking out t …

guardians of the galaxy vol 3 cover
Falcon IPTV ServiceJune 22, 20201

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 won’t be delayed by Corona virus

Guardians of the Galaxy vol 3 is confirmed to be on schedule states The Director James Gunn who has been reinstated. Following on from Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2, There is still a lot of details about the third film in the Marvel series still in circulation. Here’s all there’s to say so far. Watch Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 3 and upcoming Movies in Full HD with FalconTV- The Best IPTV Solution. Recent updates: • Coronavirus guards will not delay Galaxy 3 • The filming date of Guardians of the Galaxy 3 revealed • Disney has reinstated James Gunn as director • Chris Pratt says the script for James Gunn is “out the chain” • Galaxy Keepers: Vol. 3 will use James Gunn’s script, says Sean Gunn When Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 coming out? Development for film has now been put on hold (August 25), according to The Hollywood Reporter, which means the release date is still unknown. Less than six months after firing him for recent derogatory tweets, Disney reinstated James Gunn as the producer in March 2019. Deadline confirmed that Alan Horn, President of Walt Disney Studios, has spoken with Gunn several times in the past year and has since been convinced, by Gunn’s public apologies and subsequent management, to re-hire him. Gunn said the film would be “[catapulting] old and new characters of Marvel in the next ten years.” The third film in the Guardians trilogy is likely to be the launchpad for what Marvel calls ‘Phase 4’ – that’s the next big chunk of Marvel movies – and, to put it in context, we ‘re about to enter the meaty bit of Phase 3, which includes Black Panther, Infinity War and the fourth Avengers movie.✕ Facing fears that the film could be postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, Gunn insisted on April 12, 2020 that alongside his other major movie, The Suicide Squad, things will still go ahead as scheduled. “The plans with Vol 3 right now are exactly the same as they were before coronavirus,” he tweeted. Has filming begun yet? Yes, this […]

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Falcon IPTVJune 15, 202029

IPTV Vs. Cable

IPTV is a service that certain carriers provide in a business strategy similar to that used by the cable television industry. The customer signs up for the service, gets the set-top box (STB) and receives TV and video-on – demand (VOD) programming similar to IPTV is a service that some carriers provide in a business model similar to that used …