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Fun fact:

  • All serial killers commit murder to satisfy their grand fantasies, but the murderers featured in “The Mark of a Killer,” take it one step further, committing heinous acts that allow them to extend their fantasies and relive the excitement of their crimes again and again. With many keeping postmortem souvenirs and performing distinct rituals during each killing, their signature trademarks often prove to be their undoing. This series follows the trails of their obsession, and takes a deep dive into the killers’ depraved psyches to reveal their darkest secrets as investigators close in to end the killer’s reign of terror.

Mark of a Killer

Director: Mark Andrew
Imdb:   7.4

All serial killers commit murder to satisfy their grand fantasies, but the murderers featured in “The Mark of a Killer,” take it one step further.

  • 2019
  • Action


Series cast summary:
Mitch Damron Mitch Damron  Highway Worker / …5 episodes, 2019-2020 
Timothy Kee Timothy Kee  Capt Borelli / …4 episodes, 2020 
Roger Albelo Roger Albelo  Detective Mike Albrecht / …4 episodes, 2019 
Brett Taylor Brett Taylor  Computer Tech / …4 episodes, 2019 
Jay Heselschwerdt Jay Heselschwerdt  Hunter / …3 episodes, 2020 
Bethany Stahl Bethany Stahl  Highway Worker / …3 episodes, 2020 
Tony Caudill Tony Caudill  Crime scene investigator / …3 episodes 
Lucas Hyde Lucas Hyde  Robert Hansen2 episodes, 2020 
Tommy Campbell Tommy Campbell  Shasta Detective / …2 episodes, 2019 
Campbell Cox Campbell Cox  Detective Joe Corcoran / …2 episodes, 2019 
Rip Elliott Rip Elliott  Coroner / …2 episodes, 2019 
Rachael Swartz Rachael Swartz  Cindy Brown / …2 episodes, 2019 
Natalie Ruth Davis Natalie Ruth Davis  Julie Reitz / …2 episodes, 2020 
David Johnson David Johnson  Paul Stefani / …2 episodes, 2020 
Bradford Norris Bradford Norris  Detective / …2 episodes, 2020 
Jessica Bell Jessica Bell  Darla Hansen / …2 episodes

Official trailer:

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