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Your favorite FalconTV – Best IPTV Service Provider is now even better. Recently the FalconTV team went through a major background update. This upgrade resulted and resolved the unusual lags and freezes on South American Categories, Latino Categories. The VODs are playing without a millisecond wait.

In this article, I am going to demonstrate the present situation of the FalconTV service status.

Let’s bullet the important topics for you:

Channels and Categories

FalconTV usually brings you the most on demand content for you, and with the latest library, you will be thrilled to see what it has to offer. Starting from all sports and PPV events now you will be getting entertainment from almost every corner of the world. Check out the latest channels list here.

Now there is a Bein Special for the Arabic Sports Lovers, A NFL Off Season Channel which plays 24/7. The PPV events are even better covered, now your special game events will be displayed with Title and you can also check which events are playing in the PPV Events Schedule Page.

Categories Screenshots from Live TV Section

Streaming App Upgrade

Did you know the NetGo Streaming App is available on the Amazon App Store? Check out the best iptv app in the amazon app store > https://www.amazon.com/NetGo-Streaming-Media-Player/dp/B08P25KMWY

Now you can download and install directly from your New Firestick.

The latest version of the app is 1.2.2 it’s very stable with all functionality and power. The search engine of the app is acting faster and the favorites section pulls up in an eye blink.

The outlook and UI of latest NetGo Ver. 1.2.2

Load Time

Did you know that faster Load Time isn’t always good for you? You must be familiar with videos that doesn’t match with the Audio. We tell you why it is mostly caused. Here you go a technical explanation from our experts.

We could make the channels load up instantly, but this will bring you the content as fast as it can, but later to synchronize with the server, it may cause a freeze or buffer for few seconds while playing. Or Video and Audio desync.

So what we did is made the load time default and according the best with the server, so the content comes perfectly with best Audio and Video Synchronization.

Steve- Head Engineer

Bug Fixes

The latest server upgrade and App update includes major and minor bug fixes as follows:

Video and Audio proper synchronization

Working CC/Subtitle toggling

Favorite Button Function

Guide View perfect load

Time Zone auto detect and update

Freeze and kick Fixed

Adult Channels Locked


FalconTV – Best IPTV Service Provider has been serving you since 2018 and bringing you the best cheap price possible. Now all the plans come with 3 device connection and flat prices. You can obviously add extra devices to stream with lower and discounted prices.

Pricing Table:

Customer Support24/724/724/7
Price$20 (USD)$40 (USD)$70 (USD)

Place your order now!

Content Requesting Platform

FalconTV introduces the all new content requesting platform. Now you can request for a movie or a TV show. Our team will try to add those for you. In order to request for a content you need to be eligible through a subscription. Visit the platform and request your content now.

Q&A Board

The falcontv Q&A board is a community based service which is provided in the falcontv.tribe.so community. It is rather known as similar to customer support. We post updates and latest news on the News Feed.

Customer Support Through Voice

Whether some of our customers need assistance through voice or over the phone, we are trying to fill the gap now. If it’s necessary we will call you on whatsapp or telegram and provide voice assistance.

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    Danny Thomas

    I am trying to find out were I put the 0000 to watch the adult channels can u please help.

    • March 31, 2021 at 1:08 am

      I am going to post a Tutorial Video About this now and sending you the link.

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