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In this article I am going to describe what is an IPTV App and what is required of an app to be the best.

Table of content

  1. What is IPTV APP?
  2. How does it work?
  3. Best IPTV App?
  4. How to get started?

What is an IPTV app?

An IPTV app is a software what acts like a platform connecting your device to the media streaming with the help of internet (ethernet/ wi-fi). Like all other applications IPTV apps has it’s own features such as Live TV channel browser, Video on Demand (VOD) browser, settings and account preference.

How does it work?

There are two types of IPTV apps, one what is an empty shell and requires user inputs such as m3u links, channel or playlist, the other comes directly pre-loaded with content from server.

You just need to install the app in your Android TV Box, Amazon Firestick, Google TV or Android Smartphone. After installation it may require activation. Activation is your access to the server or simply your subscription pass. You shall get it from the IPTV Service Provider with a reasonable amount of money. Usually $10 for a month. IPTV Providers also offer Free Trial for testing.

Best IPTV App

NetGo Version 1.1.92 is one of the best iptv apps ever for android TV or Firestick. It is lightweight and very fast responding, comes with a user friendly UI appearance. You just need a decent internet connection either via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.


Live TV browser

Icon Browser

Guide view

Parental Control

VOD browser

How to get started?

Simply visit FalconTV website. Go to the Free Trial page and download the app for your TV box or mobile. Afterwards send a message in the live chat on the below right corner of the screen. An agent will activate your Free Trial. Once you like the service and willing to subscribe just send a message again and let the agent know.


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